The Anastasia Beverly Hills Holiday Pyramid Collection comes complete with our assortment of 8 shades of ultra-reflective metallic cosmetic glitters for face, body and hair. The Pyramid also comes with a Mini Metallic Liquid Lipstick Set of 3 deluxe limited-edition shades of Liquid Lipstick that feature Anastasia Beverly Hills full-pigment formula with a metallic finish. Weve also included a Mini Lip Gloss Set which includes 4 deluxe limited-edition shades of Lip Gloss that feature Anastasia Beverly Hills full-sparkle formula with a multidimensional reflect.

Loose Glitter Collection

  • Electric (Multi-dimensional gold with a hint of rainbow)
  • Star Power (Soft gold)
  • Pink Sapphire (A collection of pink, gold, and soft lime)
  • Party (Rainbow glitters on a soft blue base)
  • Blazing Sunset (Pink with a gold shift)
  • Crystal Cave (Icy mix of soft pastel glitters)
  • Royal (Rich violet)
  • Mystic Teal (Deep teal)

Mini Lip Gloss 4-Piece Set

  • Diamond (Multi-dimensional sparkle in a clear base)
  • Citrine (Multi-dimensional gold, pink, and soft green sparkle in a golden gloss base)
  • Pearl (Multi-dimensional sparkle in a soft opalescent pink base)
  • Pink Tourmaline (Violet and magenta reflects in a candy pink opalescent base)

Mini Metallic Liquid Lipstick 3-Piece Set

  • Blizzard (Multi-dimensional pink pearls in an icy soft pink base)
  • Phantom (Bordeaux)
  • Mai Tai (Metallic soft peach gold)

Anastasia Beverly Hills Holiday Pyramid Collection

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