Set Includes:

Trance- A mesmerizing red wine lacquer that will leave admirers hypnotized.

Séance- Bring any look back from the dead in this mystical rosy mauve gloss with supernatural pink flecks.

Overkill- An outrageous regal purple gloss packed with excessive amounts of magenta pearl, sometimes too much is a great thing.

Deviant- An eccentric orange with a peculiar peach sparkle that will inspire you to break all acceptable social behavior.

Evoke- Conjure up envy and elicit amazement in this chocolate bronze lip gloss.

1942- An intoxicating golden agave nectar shade overflowing with luster, get weird without the hangover.

Lurk- Snoop through our feed and sneak a peak of this creepy Hot Pink with a fuchsia sheen, this shade is too bright to block.

Amulet- Your new garnet hued good luck charm, adorn any look and ward off evil.

Melt Pro Makeup Bag

Melt Cosmetics Metal Gloss Collection